Beat Endo in 5 Steps! Get Back Energy, Confidence & Be Your Awesome Self Again
In 12 Weeks!
AND Do It Without More Pills & Surgeries
After my FIFTH round of surgery, I was fed up.  I was stuck in a vicious cycle and felt my confidence, strength and dreams wither away.
Ever question how long you can go on living like this? i did

I had already taken the endo-cocktail of drugs, Lupron, birth control, painkillers and anti-acids to manage the hormones and pain, so I could make it through the day as a zombie.  

And even after the fifth surgery, I was not guaranteed the endometrial tissue wouldn’t grow back in these places.

Every day when it flared up, enduring the physical pain, felt like my legs weighed a thousand pounds and someone was pulling and wiggling a sharp barbed razor wire through my pelvis and abdomen.

But this was the easy part to deal with.
What makes living with endometriosis even more painful is the one pain no one will ever understand… not medical specialists who see this day in and day out… not even our closest friends.
It’s the emotional weight we carry — EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
And we’ve conditioned ourselves to endure this endo-agony with a straight face.

But when we have to miss out on the moments in our life and do it with a smile while we tell our friends we have to leave their wedding, birthday party, or a girls night out early… we’re left dealing with the devastating defeat of always having to “miss out” and leave life on the table.

Aren't you tired of sucking it up?

And One of the worst parts of living with endo-pain is…
We feel guilt that we can't be intimate, or have to stop in the middle.
...because the sharp pain is too unbearable… words can never describe the emotional weight and burden it puts on us… and our partner.

With 1 in 10 women affected by this crippling condition, it surprises me we’re left out in the cold with no other options but to take temporary measures like, medication or get surgery.
And something as drastic as surgery… it’s not just one… it could be multiple surgeries because according to the Mayo clinic and multiple gynecology research journals...
Medical doctors aren’t certain what causes endometriosis there are only theories. BUT they all agree that endometriosis is influenced by Estrogen.
This means the medical system can treat it… but the endo-pain can keep coming back to drag you back down to surgery or more hormone pills, because we can synthetically manipulate it, but we’re not going to stop making estrogen.
After this discovery, I decided to stop living a life of surviving everyday, and just “treating” this disease, and get to the bottom of this. 
Through researching I found a primary causes that feeds endo-pain.
And it started to make sense that even after multiple surgeries, and hormone controlling pills of why endo-pain kept coming back. 
I Discovered There Is A Estrogen Copycat Hormone That Continues To Feeds The Endometrial Lining With Fake Estrogens EVEN If We Are On Birth Control.
Going further down the rabbit hole to crack where is this copycat hormone coming from, I found its contained in what we eat, breathe, and put on our skin that silently feeds the estrogen,
which endometriosis thrives on.
Skeptical?... I don’t blame you… the medical community has told you over and over again pain is your new normal.
But let’s think about this for a moment… 
If we’re on powerful prescription drugs to manipulate our hormones… and if we’ve gone further having hot surgical instruments remove endometrial tissue in hopes our body will self-regulate…

or even the last case scenario of having our estrogen-producing lady parts removed and STILL have endo-pain come back…
...Then the solutions we’re getting aren’t hitting the source of the problem that’s ravaging our body.
So the question lies in...
Where is the excess estrogen coming from if it’s not from our own body?
In a research study published in the 2006 edition of “American Society for Reproductive Medicine.”
In this study, they tested the endometrial tissue of 85 women with endometriosis who underwent laparoscopic surgery against 123 women who underwent laparoscopic surgery, but DIDN’T have endometriosis.
When they tested the endometrial tissue. The results were shocking.
The researchers found 10x more xenoestrogens in women who had endometriosis than the women who didn’t have the disease.
This astonishing find led me to find another research publication like:
In the 2013 edition of the “Journal of Environmental Research.” tested 92 women ages 17- 49 who has gone for surgery at least once. The researchers tested their urine samples and found they all had higher concentrations of Xenoestrogens vs women who didn’t have Endo.
And another from the 2009 edition of the:
“Journal of Reproductive Toxicology” found 32 women who tested positive for high concentrations of Xenoestrogens also had endometriosis that ranged from Stage 1 - 5.
This lead me to another question…
so where is this endo-trigger — xenoestrogens coming from?
And I found the hard truth, this world is made to feed & trigger our endo-pain.
This synthetic chemical is everywhere… it’s in animal feed, how we treat and clean tap water, and even the makeup you put on your skin... this fake hormone called “xenoestrogens.”
Xenoestrogens are part of a category that contains groups of chemicals like PCBs, Dioxins, Fungicides, Phthalates (the main triggers). These chemicals seep into your body and can fool your body to think it’s “estrogen” and continue to feed and trigger endo-pain to create flare-ups, at the worst times in your life.
And the reason the medical community misses it…
... is because the answer to xenoestrogens is not black and white… this chemical comes from making products like:
To everyday things you put on and in your body:
  • Make-up.
  • Nail polish.
  • And… even the process to clean tap water.
And by the time these products make it to us… no one is thinking what type of machinery was used to make the products… what type of chemicals were used to bleach the products.
But what is in your control is your ability to equip your body to naturally get rid of these nasty triggers, so it doesn’t flare up your endo!
If you’re sick & tired of endometriosis controlling your life…
You can take a stand with me. 
The Anti-Endo Lifestyle
Today is the day to move from pain to power. To finally tell that little endometrial tissue,
“You will not pull me back down!”
The Anti-Endo Lifestyle is the only program that looks at ending endo-pain for good, using a 5 phase method that every endo-body desperately needs.
You’ll remove the xenoestrogens feeding out-of-control tissue OUT OF YOUR BODY.

And protect your body, so it keeps these endo-triggers OUT!
Why the pain keeps coming back to haunt you...even after being on medication...even after multiple laparoscopies…
We’re surrounded by endo-triggering xenoestrogens, and the bad news is... it’s unavoidable.
As amazing as our bodies are… the technology of synthetic chemicals has outpaced our bodies’ abilities to get rid of these extra thousands of chemical toxins. 
These fake estrogens ruthlessly burden our detox systems like our liver, gut, and kidneys causing a backlog in our bodies. And when we can’t get rid of them fast enough, these counterfeit hormones continue to circulate in your body… or in our case feed the endometrial lining so it grows.
Xenoestrogens are hidden in everyday products like: 
  • Beef, dairy, coffee filters, tampons, kleenex, tap water, (contains endo-trigger, Dioxins)
  • Plastic wraps, soda cans, soup cans (contain endo-trigger, PCBs)
  • Potatoes, grains, peanuts (contain endo-trigger Fungicides)
  • Nail polish, skin cream, deodorant, hair products (contain endo-trigger Phthalates)
And that’s only to name a handful.
So, no wonder even at a high dosage of the estrogen-controlling prescription drug Lupron doesn’t help… and I’ve even had women who’ve gone to the extreme having their estrogen-producing lady parts removed (AKA Hysterectomy) like part of their uterus, cervix, or ovaries to STILL have endo-pain come back.
I have been through the exact pain you went through… and endometriosis put the same emotional weight on me and my husband’s relationship for years. 
When we think back today, we couldn’t believe our relationship survived those nightmare years.
I’ve lived through the torture of endo, had the surgeries, took the drugs my specialists gave me, and suffered the guilt of missing out on weekend dinners with my hubby… even taking weeks off of work because I was couch-bound, then wondering what people are saying about me at work when this happened every other month.
I feel what you’re going through, and understand every horrible moment beyond the physical pain. When I found out about the life-destroying fake estrogen hormone xenoestrogens allowing endometriosis to thrive… I looked at every way possible to cut its source so I could get my life back. 
In fact, I nearly reversed this condition, and I was even able to conceive after a few years naturally and without IVF treatments.
This was so empowering, and I can’t believe that NO ONE is offering a solution like this.
In fact, after graduating as a professional engineer and having a successful 6-figure career in the corporate world, I went back to school to pursue my desire to help other women.  
I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and combed through scientific publications after publications to back the system that saved every part of my life and help other women. I’m also an active member at a tri-city hospital system as a voice of the community and to bridge the gaps between system and patient.
So if you’ve done everything you can to your life back where it's not disrupted by flare-ups in random parts of your body.  
You did the best you could with all the information available to you at the time.
Now you know it’s more than “just your lady organs.”
Do the program at your own pace WITH support from your Endo-empresses! 
The program is self-paced because I know when you’re going through a flare-up you only have one focus… survive the flare-up with your own way. But if you can keep going, I promise it will get better in 12-weeks.
I’ve laid out the program in 5 phases that focus on:
1. Mindset
Re-ignite the positive belief in yourself because it’s NOT your fault
Get rid of Xenoestrogens naturally, and protect your body from future ones
3. Nutrition
3 weeks worth of recipes to feel like you again
4. Lifestyle
Maintaining a body that’s anti-endo in a world that triggers it
5. Love & Support
Fall back in love with yourself and build a successful support system
Some phases are longer, but it’s made simple for you, you can focus on 1 phase at a time until you feel comfortable moving on, and each phase will move you towards being pain-free. And I’ll be there in the private Facebook group to coach you on whatever phase you’re at!
Now I can’t guarantee this is a “magic bullet” that will get rid of your endo in one day. But I can give you certainty you’ll experience positive results in the first 10-21 days!
And if you go a week without ZERO flare-ups… how much would that be worth to you? 
No Empress Left Behind.
Sometimes we start slipping back into our old habits when we become pain free and we forget. 
In the coaching group, I’ll keep you on-track with office hours after you’re done the program in 12 weeks. This will run 5 weeks following the program to get everyone on track.
PLUS!... As an Endo-empress I’ll connect you with an accountability partner through your journey because no one should do it alone. No one will get left behind when you make the commitment to change.
So here’s what your body Can feel In The Anti-Endo Lifestyle

In 14 days, you'll feel… less like you’re pregnant with all that bloating. It will go away, and as that happens, you’ll also feel less “tense,” so your body isn’t always on guard for the next flare-up.

In 30 days, you’ll feel… like you have MORE energy to go out! And you’ll finally feel at peace now that you have control of your body, and realize that living with pain is NOT NORMAL!

In 60 days, you’ll feel… relief from the pain of flare-ups as the triggers are removed from your body, and through the 5 phase program, you’ll protect your body from endo-triggers entering it.

In 90 days, you’ll feel… like you’re periods are mor normal… and have less pain with sex!

My name is Khush Sra. 
I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who specializes using nutrition and natural methods first, but my education wasn’t one and done in this complex field where each individual can be different. 
I also:
  • Completed “Mini-Medical” School Lecture Series on Reproductive Health at the University of Toronto
  • I completed Healthy Breast Program at the College of Naturopathic Medicine Toronto
  • I advise at Tri-City Hospital System on Community Health
  • I am a nutrition contributor to the Endometriosis Foundation America.
And… what lead me to be so involved with different medical school of thoughts was because…

I spent many years in pain, in the ER, calling in sick to work, on painkillers, hormones, and missing out on life.

If we rewind 20 years ago,, I found myself in a doctor's office with painful periods, migraines, and more.

I too, was shuffled from doctor to doctor, went through test after test like a lab rat, pill after pill, and surgery after surgery.
I was infertile, felt hopeless, and my relationships suffered.

My AH-HA moment was after my fifth surgery and spending a year in the fertility clinic (not cheap!) where I decided it wasn't working, and I had to own my own health!

I did tons of research, read many studies, and met with countless practitioners before I crafted my own Endo Program.

The Anti-endo lifestyle gave me my life back, my relationships back and I was blessed with 3 kids naturally!

It was a lengthy, winding journey for me… to my new lifestyle, but you don't have to figure this out on your own.

I hope to share it all and help you kick-start your way to relieving endo pain and suffering.

Everything You Need To Know & Do Today To Shift Towards Getting Rid Of Endo.
  • When you’re in pain… that’s your priority. I’ll get you started with Step #1 all the way to the finish line of the program.
  • Give your body a bit more help to flush out years of built-up Xenoestrogens, get the quick and easy guide on supplements that don’t contain hidden fillers.
  • Still go out and have the flexibility in food choices without worry about triggering Endo-pain again.
  • A tracking planner so you can track how food, lifestyle, and products affect you, as well as help you connect the dots of random pain.
  • Save time and remove the headache of planning meals that are Endo-friendly. 
  • Eliminate the triggers that are coming into your body, so it doesn’t flare you up. 
  • Get more energy and strength again with a movement guide for the Endo-body. 
  • Get support from myself and other endo-sisters when you want to vent, or help with the program, or support your evolving goals. 
What Other Endo-Empresses’ Are Saying…
I spent over 10 years on the pill, as per my doctor’s instructions. Yet wherever I tried to ask, doctors always prescribed the pill explaining that it was the only solution.

Besides the never ending list of side effects that came from taking the prescribed pills, namely severe migraines, mood swings, infections and anxiety as soon as I stopped the pill, I was basically back to square one.

Given that I spent loads of money before, I didn’t think twice about joining the Anti-Endo Lifestyle. Especially after I realised that I was going to be offered a professional and specialised programme based on natural healing foods. But besides food, it also offered help on two different yet very important aspects/areas, being mind and spirit.
As a result of the Anti-endo lifestyle, first and foremost I learnt to accept myself as I am and to be more positive about life, using the affirmations.

The program is achievable and I was proof to it. The cysts shrunk, the pain is a thing of the past and I stopped catching colds 5x a year!

Besides, Khush is very supportive in her coaching and is also very knowledgeable. I was surprised to find all the solutions in one realistic and achievable programme.


I finally decided to join the program after feeling desperate, confused and directionless. I'd done tons of research on my own and but was left with so much information-and some of it was conflicting. 

Traditional doctors only recommended surgery or birth control pills to alleviate my illness. And while my naturopath recommended detox, supplements and diet change, it wasn't a targeted endometriosis program . 
I was afraid of failing after having paid to join the program.  
I was afraid I'd be left a regretful mess who only half-assed the program. 

But the support I was provided by the group members and Kush herself was so helpful and encouraging. After the first month on the the program I experienced a pain-free period. 

I was absolutely shocked to say the least. I absolutely could not believe that I had a period without pain. I was slightly in denial! Could this actually be happening? I pain-free period after all of these years. 

Pain-free without the help of medications or heating pads. It was CRAZY-in an AMAZING WAY! I had never before experienced a period without pain, fatigue and unhealthy cravings. 

I felt strong, energetic and alive! I felt so proud of the hard work I'd put in and was actually able to feel the results. I felt empowered that I could actually take control of my endometriosis pain through the proper nourishment of my mind and body!
If you're unsure about investing your time and money in the Anti-Endo Lifestyle program-be assured that you WILL NOT be disappointed. The information that I learned in the program, I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life. 

I rave about the information I learned to those I know that are suffering from hormonal imbalances or endometriosis. Kush put together all of the information that I needed to manage my endometriosis in a doable program that changed the quality of the rest of my life. I'm so incredibly thankful. 

- Liz G

 I’m 25 years old diagnosed a year ago with Endometriosis!

I’ve done one laparoscopic surgery in June 2017 where I diagnosed with stage 1! After my laparoscopic surgery I start taking birth controls and then went 6 months with no period… along with not having a period I start having hot flashes, headaches etc.. 

I had to do something..the first thing I stop taking the pills, I start going to the gym (not a gym person at all) it was so hard for me but I saw my hormones start balancing somehow, there I start trying eating more healthy I bought some books about Endometriosis,doing a small research about what is living with it!!

One day I saw Khush’s post on Instagram and I started following her. Since that day my life changed and her posts made me to take my life back.

I joined her Endo program in May 2018 I did my best to follow and eat as much I could clean and Endo friendly. Everything was step by step. I start adding more veggies, stopped eating dairy, sugar etc. adding some yummy recipes and my every day supplements! Also I quit my dream job, trying to reduce stress levels. After a while it became a habit eating clean (I had some cheat meals once in a blue moon). I got pain relief from, back pain, menstrual cramps and my sex life became better than ever! 

I’m still on the Anti-endo lifestyle doing my best for my mind, body and spirit and kick Endo-pain for good with no medication but with the only gift Mother Nature gave to us FOOD! 

I hope with my story to inspire some of you and get yourself the gift of the Anti-endo lifestyle. 

You will really thank Khush for her amazing work that she had put on!

- Athina

The Anti-Endo Lifestyle Breakdown
Now that you’ve learned the endo-triggers called “xenoestrogens” are feeding your body fake estrogens and using it to grow, you can move from hopeless to hopeful. We now know removing products that contain PCBs, Dioxins, Fungicides, and Phthalates can stop the endo-cycle.
But you and I both know to keep track of the thousands of products these fake estrogens are hidden in, is another rabbit hole. And we want this pain gone like yesteryear!
Can I share something that will give you relief from the pain of endometriosis easier in 12 weeks?
In the Endo-Reset Program you will take back control from endo-pain and here’s how we will achieve that together.
We Will Move Through The 5 Stages So You Can Not Only Cleanse The Xenoestrogens But Also Make Your Body More Resilient And Protected Against Future Endo-Triggers.
Stage 1: Mindset
Through a guided journal you build your confidence and your health team. You are a loving and powerful woman that deserves great health and is very capable of having it. Sadly, women with endometriosis feel discouraged, hopeless, alone and defeated. The anti-endo lifestyle begins by re-igniting the mindset of an Empress with positive belief of hope and health.  
Stage 2: Cleanse
Xenoestrogens can hide in your fat cells for up to 7 years, slowly dripping out as you burn fat for energy or when you can do light activity. In this phase, we use nutritional strategies to help you remove these endo-triggers trapped in your body, so it pours out of your body in a controlled manner. 
Stage 3: Endo-diet
With delicious recipes which strategically contain foods with nutrients to protect you against future endo-triggers coming into your body,. You’ll not only be able to flush out endo-triggers quickly but also regain your energy! You’ll also be introduced to supplement strategies to work with your diet so you can get an extra boost to cleanse endo-triggers quickly out of your body.
To make this as easy as possible, I’ve provided grocery lists and delicious treats to enjoy! (Because living the anti-endo life should NOT be about not enjoying life) 
Stage 4: Lifestyle
Even if you have zero energy, you learn to unlock the energy you have hidden in you. This phase sets you up for an anti-endo life. The modern lifestyle plays a huge role in endometriosis. In this phase, we reduce our exposure through products, food, and technology along with supporting a lifestyle of health through improved sleep and movement.  
Stage 5: Support
This pillar also includes how to support ourselves with self-love, acceptance through a unique journal that guides you in building back this love. It takes a village and in this phase we talk about building your tribe of family, doctors, alternative health practitioners and friends for a holistic support approach. And as you become more pain-free… your goals will change, and we’ll be there to help you with what you need in your “what’s next?”
Here’s what’s inside the Anti-endo lifestyle.
  • STEP BY STEP (Value $550)
      Where to start, What to Eat, Do, & What to Avoid - Step by Step!
  • GUIDES (Value $99)
  •    Easy to follow Lists & Logs to stay on track
  • FLEXIBLE (Value $29.99)
  •    Planner to help you set your pace
  • RECIPES (Value $29.99)
  •   Delicious meals any one can make!
  • NUTRITION (Value $29.99)
  •   Foods, Endo-superfoods & Treats to feel great! 
  • MEAL PLAN (Value $150)
  •   3-week meal plan with 5 meals a day containing simple and easy to follow instructions and grocery lists - no thinking required.
  •  TOXIC-FREE LIVING (Value $49.99)
  •   Complete Checklist & Healthy Swaps
  •  MOVEMENT GUIDE (Value $49.99) 
  •  Exercises that an Endo-body can tolerate but also give you back your energy! 
  • ENERGY (Value $29.99)
  •   Ways to increase energy from in your bedroom! 
  • Access To 8 Weeks Of Coaching & Support (Value $999 )
  •  You won't be left alone, no matter what phase of the program you’re on. We will do live weekly calls and work through your situation and how we can continue moving you towards being endo-pain free.
All this.... before I ever sat in a doctor’s office (PRICELESS)
$2, 557.97 of value and weeks saved not missing out on life.
You also get $338 of bonuses
Grocery & Eating Out (Value $97)
No more wondering what you can eat, at home or at your favourite restaurant. This guide shares hacks to any menu and my favourite foods swaps!
Plant Based Protein (Value $47)
Get clarity on the deal with soy and legumes! You've heard that veganism is good, but maybe been told to avoid beans? This cheat sheet will clear things up for you.
Supplements (Value $97)
Wondering if you should go buy what your friend is taking, or have you already spent a fortune on vitamins? Get the lowdown on what supplements are key for endometriosis and why in an easy to follow cheat sheet.
Post Program Momentum Builders ($97 value)
In the coaching group, I’ll keep you on-track doing quick 5-day sprints after you’re done the program in 8 weeks. This will run 5 times following the program to get everyone on track.
$338 of additional value
The program plus the bonuses are worth $2,895.97 alone.
But this condition is too close to my heart. 
The suffering I went through for 15 years with no other solution than what I was given is NOT fair to other women who are going through the pains of missing out on life. Enduring more surgeries, and couch-bound weeks.
There is a solution, and I want to make it available to as many endo-warriors as possible.
You can take back control of your life for
My Promise To You. I KNOW YOU'LL LOVE IT!
That I'm offering a personal promise... Because I too have been there.
Unsure about what may work, especially when eating healthy and the alternative medicine stuff is all new to you.

Here is my promise - If you have tried the Anti-endo lifestyle and are not satisfied, all you have to do is share your completed logs and progress showing you tried within 21 days of purchase and get your money back.
No Further Questions Asked.
You can take back control of your life for $997 only!
Copyright 2018. Khush Sra.
All Rights Reserved.