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"After the first month on the the program I experienced a pain-free period. I was absolutely shocked to say the least. I absolutely could not believe that I had a period without pain. I was slightly in denial! Could this actually be happening?
I felt empowered that I could actually take control of my endometriosis pain through the proper nourishment of my mind and body!
The group members and Khush herself was so helpful and encouraging
If you're unsure about investing your time and money in the Anti-Endo Lifestyle program-be assured that you WILL NOT be disappointed." 
Liz G
"Khush is very supportive in her coaching and is also very knowledgeable. I was surprised to find all the solutions in one realistic and achievable programme.""
Joanna L. - Proud New Mom
"You will really thank Khush for her amazing work that she had put on!  I’m not giving up, why do you ? All together we are more stronger sisters!"
Athina N.  
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