Healing Endometriosis: What exactly to do day-to-day to reduce your pain and get your energy back
4 Ways to Heal And Reset Your Body To Progressively Get Better Each Week 


with Step by Step Guides!!

Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Endo + Trying All The Things To Feel Better...
Not anymore. 
Get the key elements of a holistic approach to take control back of your energy, health and your wellbeing .  In these workshops you will discover what actually works so you don't have to live in worry of what next or the overwhelm of trying all the things.  Your life is waiting for you to show up as you, this month learn the tools and tips to get you back to you.

Holistic Endo Healing Series - A Short Course

Discover The Puzzle Pieces + Learn Exactly What To Do

Coaching Focused So You Feel Confident To Take Action

Stress, Nerves and Wacky Hormones - To Heal We Must Start Here!!  Get 3 Simple Routines To Activate Healing with Calm & Ease
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Recorded Session
Get Confidence with Eating To Beat Bloat, EndoBelly and Learn to Crush Cravings. Plus Healing Foods for the Gut and Microbiome. 
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Recorded Session
Discover Simple Tools to Flush the Toxins & Inflammation!  Unlock Energy, Sleep, Better Moods & More
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Recorded Session
Master Your Cycle - Even on the pill/hormones.  5 Secrets to Reduce Inflammation, Pain and PMS Symptoms 

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Recorded Session


Recording Available

  • Reset Metabolism: How to drop stubborn endo belly and weight using proven protocols
  • Fertility Optimization: Learn how we support fertility in women with endometriosis for both natural and IVF cycles
  • Q&A: Open chat session with lots of time for individual support and coaching

BONUS #2 Exlusive Masterclass 

  • Pre-Recorded Masterclass: A modern understanding of endometriosis
  • Anti-Inflammatory Approach: What works and why when it comes to healing form the inside out

BONUS #3 Collection of Recipes 

  • Delicious Recipes to Help Detoxifcation
  • ​Recipes for Vegan & Vegetarian Diets
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Healing Focus
  • ​Immune & Histamine Sensitivity Plan

BONUS #4 Surgery Recovery Pocket Guide

  • Tips to stay comfortable 
  • ​How to support tissue healing and overall recovery
  • Best foods to prep before hand for healing
  • ​Tips to reduce scar tissue and adhesions

The healing series workshops gives you the perfect mix of clear cut info and what to do that actually works.  And we know what works.  Every day we hear more and more stories and wins from women just like you have tried everything and simply want their life back.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools to fast track your path to healing.

Get easy to follow checklists and guides with each workshop and a replay you can access for 30 days.

Heal with Endo Short Course
4 Workshops + Bonus Session
Limited Spots - Register Early to Avoid Disappointment.
The feedback is phenomenal
Getting completely. off birth control and managing my eating I also stopped having random endo cramps as well I'm still in disbelief.
Keisha W 
My sleep has drastically improved! I fall asleep almost instantly every night and I'm barely waking up during the night anymore.  I also feel rested when I wake up which is the best part!
Kristin K 
Currently on day 4 of NO pain.....It's been amazing to have some relief and see normal life again, 
I wanted to tell you how amazing I am feeling this week!! My mood has shifted, my skin is looking better, I feel less bloated !

More from women using these protocols!

'It's amazing' - Adriana
'It was a godsend' - Chelsea
 'It works, when everything else didn't' - Robin
'I have the energy to live life' - Kristin
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Discover the 4 Elements & Where To Start For Each
  • ​Exactly What To Do including Morning & Nighttime Routines
  • ​How and When To Eat for Gut Health
  • ​Tools for Energy, Sleep, Bloat, Cravings, Cramps, Detox, Stress Release and More
  • ​Protocol for Metabolic Reset & Weight Management
  • ​Tips for Fertility Optimization with Endo
  • ​Collection of over 50 Recipes - Easy to Make & Delicious
  • ​Access to 4 Workshops - Zoom Sessions
  • ​Q&A Period with Khush in each workshop (Recording available after)
  • ​Peek at a "Case Study" Protocol & Results
That's well over $997 Value... 
 FOR ONLY $297! 

Hey, I'm Khush

I was an endo-warrior just like you, struggling with energy and pain while trying my best to find something that worked for me. My journey wasn't easy but after 5 (FIVE!) failed surgeries and trying all the pills and 'eating clean' and more I discovered true holistic healing.

I was able to reclaim my life AND also have 3 beautiful children.

The Holistic Healing Series™ is the exact process that has already helped hundreds of women end their battle with endo, the endless pain, fatigue, silence the self-doubt, try for a baby with confidence, or simply feel normal again.

Whatever brought you here, I'm confident you'll find value inside and am living proof that things can change for the better and quickly!

Register and grab your seat and be prepared to fast track your healing journey.

Healing is possible!
It doesn't have to be hard, you don't have to do it alone, and you are absolutely capable of healing.  Question is are you ready to feel free and light once again? 

So, what happens during December?
Each week you will get a guide and access to the live workshop, following the workshop a replay is sent out via email to access for 30 days.
Do I get recipes?
Yes, in the eating workshop you will get both a guide on how and when to eat along with a collection of recipes you can navigate based on your newly gained wisdom.
What about protocols & supplements?
In these workshops you'll discover how to use the base protocols and layer in supplementation based on your specific situation.  You will also have access to book a consult with Khush to formulate your very own protocol.
What if I cannot join live?
There will be an opportunity to send questions in advance for each workshop.  All workshops will be recorded live and replay sent out via email for 30 day access.

What if I have surgery planned or on the pill?
Surgery, hormone therapy and fertility are covered throughout the workshop topics.  Holistic approaches are designed to work with each individual situation.

What if I have food intolerances?
Food intolerances and allergies are common and we focus on educating on the why, how and what so you can feel confident in your with your own choices and wisely use our meal collections.
Can I join only 1 workshop?
The workshops are purchased as a bundle aligning with the principles of holistic health - it's never just one thing.

Do I need Facebook?
No.  All sessions are held on zoom and recordings will be made available on email.

What if I join late?
Your access will include recordings to any previous sessions and the supplementary guide.

Protocols worth over $997
FOR ONLY $297!  
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